DHCP Server on Juniper SRX

This article provides everything you need to setup a local DHCP server on a SRX security device.


JDHCPD provides more functionalities than DHCPD, so it is recommended to use JDHCPD on new setups. (Feature comparison)


If you have uRPF and DHCP setup on the same interface, by default all DHCP traffic will be dropped. To make DHCP work, you need to set up an exemption:

Using the (New) JDHCPD

This is the recommended method. (Official documentation)

In the Default Routing Instance

Note: this is what I use in my production environment. You might need to adjust some lines to match your needs. Also I have multiple groups and IP ranges, that’s why I used a config group so that I can apply the same config to all the IP ranges.

In a Non-default Routing Instance or Logical System

Just config everything in the corresponding RI or LS.


To trace:

The default log file name is jdhcpd .

Using the (legacy) DHCPD


To trace:

The default log file name is dhcpd .


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