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The Networking Hardware Vendors Assessment 2021: MikroTik

This is the first article of The Networking Hardware Vendors Assessment 2021 series. In this series, I’m going to talk about some major networking hardware vendors, their hardware and software, their achievements and what to expect if you buy their hardware in 2022.

MikroTik has always been the definitive choice if my purchase target is the cost effectiveness. This is not to say their product is good (the “good” good), but:

  • They produce some products that perfectly match some weird usage I needed
  • They pack a lot functionalities into all their products so you can kind of expect a high baseline of what a low-end MikroTik device can do (not in terms of performance, obviously)

This is the MikroTik way to find its position in the market.

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Configure OpenVPN Server with RouterOS compatibility

RouterOS has nothing to do with security, so this article will focus on usability rather than security. All configurations related to security will be marked as optional.

First of all, let’s review all the limitations we have on the OpenVPN client on RouterOS 6.x:

  • Supported protocol: TCP (TLS mode) only, no UDP, no static key
  • Supported ciphers: none BF-CBC AES-128-CBC AES-192-CBC AES-256-CBC
  • Supported digest algorithms: none MD5 SHA1
  • Supported authentication methods: username, password and optional client certificate
  • Does not support MPLS even if running in TAP mode

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